Ladies Only

Show Your Skin some Love with Our Facial Therapy Treatments in Coleshill

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with our non-surgical facial options, carried out in private anywhere in Coleshill, West Midlands. If time and the elements have left your skin not looking its best, alongside our natural facials at home, you also have access to electrical impulse treatments.

Electrical Impulse

Our non-surgical facial treatments apply a facial toner to improve the skin while reducing lines and wrinkles. Electrical impulses are then used to tone and reshape the facial muscles, stimulating and improving blood circulation, which helps in creating a clearer skin tone.

Natural Face Massage

Using specialised massage techniques from India and Japan, we help release tension and improve lymphatic and sinus drainage. This improves your complexion and works on any signs of wrinkles.

Plenty of Options

Make sure you take advantage of special pricing offers where you can combine a natural facial treatment with a back massage, or one of our holistic treatments.

Holistic Treatments

To receive a natural facial at home, get in touch with us, in Coleshill, West Midlands, and ask us about our non-surgical facial options.